Real-Time Success

We have completed seven sales. It has been a positive experience. Our coach, Luke, has walked us through each step. He's been very helpful. It was exciting when the first item sold. Yeah! He encouraged us to keep going.
-Jerome K.

I believe that eBay was a great starting point for me because I had past experience selling on eBay. The most difficult part was finding the right products to sell, but once I got over that hump it was a world of difference. Thus far, my coach has guided me every step of the way, giving me pointers, answering all my questions and keeping me motivated.
-Caroline L.

Like everything new it took a while to get somewhat acquainted with how this eBay thing works and I still have to go miles. I have now sold 2 items, so I know it can be done. Bru, my coach, was essential in getting there. He's a patient guy who will explain things even if I ask him for a little more time.
-Erich O.

I have made one sale on eBay. I'm loving the experience on eBay, I have never sold anything on the internet & get a real kick out of the fact I did it myself!! I'm extremely happy that my coach and all the other coaches are patient with me. I have learned since I got older that the best way for me to learn is by doing the task over & over! People are not usually that patient with me, THANK YOU ALL.
-Karen G.

eBay has been fun to learn. I could not have done this without the help of the coaches. My own coach, telephone support and chatting. You have been so amazing. Thank you!
- Abby M

Business picking up, and learning hiccups that come along too, experience in learning how to handle those hiccups is proving to be very valuable, coach giving me 100% backing and support!!!
- Carol S

I love selling with E-bay very simple once you do it a couple of times. My coach Evan has been very helpful, with my listings and showing me what to do.
- Karen G

It's been great. I'm looking forward to turning this into a business that will replace my job. My coach has been awesome giving me direction, clarity and a much better understanding of ebay and how it can change my life.
- Ronald S

The coach definitely gets a five star rating from me, re: politely answering all my "newbe"questions that I'm certain most were very elementary. Off to a good start reaching the $1000.00 in sales thanks to Coach Will taking me by the hand and leading the way.
- Larry H

Coach Corey has done a great job providing insight on listing items. My first item sold and shipped in less than 24 hours. Thanks to Corey and the Team.
- Billy J

It's Great! I believe in the system... my coach gets straight to the point, lets me know what to do, so I've just followed the instructions. The key thing I have learned is to TAKE ACTION!!!!
- Marvin R

Tyler, my coach, has been awesome in helping me out, and pulling in the reins to get me more focused.
- Donald M

I've sold 11 items and made $500 in my first 6 weeks of selling on ebay, just selling products I own! I've learned so much from Cody, how to price, how to write the descriptions. I was intimidated at first but my confidence has grown with his help and I'm having fun!Looking to start dropshipping soon!
- Stacey M

Works just like they say!!!!
- Susan J